Trip to Europe via Seoul May-June 2019

July 2018

NK told me, out of the blue, he’d bought a share in a canal boat in France.  “You’ve done WHAT??!”, I shouted. “How much?” “About $5000”, N said. “Let’s go to France with the kids!”  

For a long time, we’d had a vague plan to go overseas for an extended period, (probably since we went to South America for five months, followed by working in Penzance, England, in 1996 (pre-kids) ).  Our original idea was to go for a year – maybe doing aid work somewhere, but, three kids, a farm and a business later, this slowly morphed down to going for two months.

Anyway, back to the present, and the fact that NK had just bought a share in a bl**dy canal boat.  I started to think… Accommodation in Europe. Five people. Two months. About $17 per person per day. Aha!  What a brilliant plan!!

Drum-roll… First post!

Hello there!

Well, is this the first post or not?  This blog has existed for a long time, however, in a different form.  We have cleaned out most of the previous content, which included an exhausting variety of topics; political rants, poems, music, and recipes.  (The link to our Flickr stream, with pictures from Japan etc., is still up).

Now this blog is mainly about ADVENTURES.  Adventures can be had on a  l o n g  trip across the world, in your own backyard, and in your imagination…  Let’s rediscover curiosity and wonder.  Tag along with us for a while.  🙂

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