2 thoughts on “Democracy, Lismore style

  1. Unfortunately I can’t watch the video because I have only phone internet and it is so slow. Sometimes it takes two minutes to open an email. Must be busy those times. Hey, what are you up to now? God, teaching is hard. Am looking for something else. Just not a lot up in Atherton. Better go and send a few more emails trying to flog off the idea everyone should vote for my book. I wish I could sit down with you and do a Facebook page and something else in the social networking world. The problem is I just won’t check it much (I know i have to). I really like email as a way of keeping in touch. It’s really personal and just between me and my friend. Okay, before I start emailing the link, I need to make school lunches including my own. Second week in Seffy’s class and oh, the kids are making me earn my money. Here I go with lunches and washing up. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    On Mon, Nov 3, 2014 at 1:59 PM, Green Bazaar Australia wrote:

    > GreenBazaarAu posted: ” NBN News report Gasfield Free Northern > Rivers march, Lismore, Australia, 1 November 2014: photos by Green Bazaar. > “

  2. Yes, slow internet is a pain – must drive you crazy after having ADSL on TI! Ah well, first world problems hey?! Is there a cafe somewhere close-ish which has free wi-fi? Love those places. I save up my vids to watch there, as we have limited m-bytes too.
    I’m offering to actually set up a page for you, and run it. I could just contact you when there’s something you need to do, and the rest of the time you could just check up on it occasionally to see if I’m doing what you want. We could both be admins – you using Tony’s FB profile. How about: I just have a go, and you see what u reckon. Can easily delete it. xx 🙂

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