…an attempt to explain how it can be to experience debilitating depression (for those who haven’t), and an idea for how to deal with it.

Black Hole

The dark funnel.
Its spiraled grooves
Lead to an abyss.
It beckons
With promises
Of painless nothing.

When lost
In dark depression,
You may search
For reasons why.
For a way out.
For a way back to a reality
In which you once felt life pulsing through your veins.

You may follow a circular path through your mind,
Only to arrive from whence you came.
You may search and search,
Your body’s needs
While you carve the grooves.

Until you stumble,
And fall.

Shock waves reverberate.
Fissures appear
In souls
Connected to your own,
As you explode
Into stardust once more.


You grasp the hands
Which reach in,
Through cracks between the grooves,

To break your fall
And keep you here.

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